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The Handy Corner is where to start looking for all the information you need.


To create a Wikia account, simply press the Create an Account button. Then you can log in (for the first time, you shall be logged in strait away) by pressing the log in button. Newly registered users please see the Welcome page. Users have certain features that guests don't have.


To be an Administrator you must have been given permission by another Admin. Admin is short for Administrator. Admins have evan more abiltys than Users, for example they can delete, lock and move pages.

Talk pages[]

On a locked talk page you can tell of a mistake. Or on a User's talk you could say hi. On pages about to be deleted talk pages are used to discuses why the page should be deleted.


Sign your posts on talk pages by typing for tildes(~), or by pressing the signature button. (Pressing either of these will appear as four tildes on the editing screen.