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Although the 110" first came onto the market in 1983, the Series III remained in low volume production until 1985. To combat the onslaught of foreign competition, these new models included refinements such as coil springs, a wider track, 5 speed gearbox, constant 4WD, updated interior, as well as power steering as an option. The engine choices were:


2¼ (Early models only) 2.5 3.5 litre DIESEL:

2¼ (Early models only) 2.5 (1984 to 1986) 2.5 T/D (1986 to 1990) 2.5 Tdi 200 series (1990 to 1994) 2.5 Tdi 300 series (1994 to 1998) TD5 (1998 onwards) The name Defender was not officially used until 1990, but has now been widely adopted to cover all coil sprung Land Rovers. The Defender range offers saloon car comfort, combined with 4 wheel drive off road ability. Once again, the "County" models are popular with private owners, but Land Rovers can be found in all walks of life.